We’re helping people take back their identity. Join us.

Decentralized Identity will change how we interact with people and businesses, online and off. And Qui will be a driving force in the mass adoption of this powerful technology.

Qui is led by successful, experienced technology professionals, and backed by $6.5 million in seed funding from leading investors and prominent angels in the United States and Canada.
Join us.

Our Values


We bring our whole selves to our work interactions, because we know we're supported in being who we are.


We let our work speak for itself, and we're generous in our acknowledgement of the work of others.

Intellectually curious

We don't knock down ideas without exploring them first. We pursue new avenues of thought to see how we can be better.

Challenge with respect

Ideas are not sacred, but people matter, so we challenge ideas vigorously while supporting the individual.


Compensation matters. But it's doing great work, achieving new heights and being around good people that brings the smile.


We're doing bold, new things, so we know that we are going to get things wrong along the way, but we'll keep bouncing back to make them right.

Team focused

It's the sum of all of us that will enable us to change the world.

Open Roles​